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 Mandarin Tour 2015 Members’ Benefits

Guaranteed $50,000 Tour Championship, $10,000 1st place. (Min 21 exemptions.)

Guaranteed $35,000 Major, $10,000 1st place. (Min 24 exemptions.)

No ENTRY FEES into 6 regular season events.

Min 8 Multi-Day events.

No Green Fees.

Free range balls, snacks, fruit, sports drinks & water

Regular season event purses’ payout will be based on field size.

$500/player will be put towards tournament purses, up to $25,000, additional entries will be put towards our $35,000 & $50,000 guaranteed purses.

Membership Fees

$3,000 ($2,500 + $500 late fee) + taxes and fees.  (now includes players that paid a deposit before Feb, 28th.)

Membership + Taxes + Fees


All members earning FULL STATUS on PGA Tour Canada via ANY of the 2015 Qualifying Tournaments will be granted a FULL refund of all 2015 paid membership fees upon their request.



NO Entry Fee into all 6 regular season events.  NO Entry Fee for those earning exemptions or invite into our $35,000 Major and $50,000 Tour Champ.


Entry Fees will be $675.00 (+ taxes and fees) per event for the 6 regular season events.  Not eligible for Exemptions.  NO maximum number of events limit set for non-members.  Non-Members may join the tour at anytime during the year. Balance owed will be $3,000 less $500 per event entered as a non-member.

Non-Member Entry + Taxes + Fees

$35,000 (Guaranteed) Major the Seaforth Country Classic

Mandarin Tour Members’ Entry Fee will be $550.00 (+ taxes and fees).

Players whom played 2013 or 2014 Seaforth Country Classic Entry Fee will be $550.00 (+ taxes and fees).

Non-Member Entry Fee will be $725.00 (+ taxes and fees).

Entry + Taxes + Fees

 $50,000 (Guaranteed) Mandarin Tour Championship

No Entry Fee

Tournament Format

6 Regular Season Events:  36 Holes, No cut. (weather permitting; field completing 18 holes will be considered an official event, less than 18, event to be re-scheduled or entry refunded) 

1 Mandarin Tour ‘Major’:  54 hole event with cut after 36 holes.

2015 Tour Championship:  54 hole pro-am event with No cut.


Players Perspective

  • 2015 Mandarin Tour Purses total upto $235,000…..$50,000 increase from last year! 
  • You will be playing for 100% or more of the membership fees!!
  • We are growing, compare last years’ membership cost and entry fees to this year.
  • 2014 Mandarin Tour Guaranteed Purses Total $185,000 (8 regular season events $20,000, Tour Championship $25,000.)
  • 2014 Mandarin Tour Members Cost, $4,500 ($500 membership fee & 8 events @ $500 Entry Fee)
  • 2015 None members Fee $675 + taxes and fees.
  • 2015 None members not eligible for $35,000 Mandarin Tour Major or $50,000 Mandarin Tour Championship exemptions.
  • 2015 None members not eligible for Mandarin Tour Benefits and Awards.


Growth and Positive Changes

  • There are no entry fees all year.
  • No minimum # of events to qualify for the: Guaranteed $35,000 Mandarin Tour Major & the Guaranteed $50,000 Mandarin Tour Championship.
  • Two 3 day events.
  • PGA Tour Exemptions. (We continue working on contract to secure these.)
  • Member Exemptions into the $10,000 1st place RideauView Pro-Am
  • 2015 proposal would cost 2014 Member $4,950* before HST; (*based on $625 Entry to Guarantee $25,000 purses)
  • 2015 membership including ALL Entry Fees only $2,500!! Pay early and save $2,450!
  • 2015 Mandarin Tour members will Pay less and will play for more!


 Certified Membership Payments

Make Certified Payments to: The Mandarin Tour
Send To: 16 Ivan Ave, Caledon East, L7C 1G1, Ontario CANADA


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